Sony Cyber-shot Line, Now With Blink Detection

Illustration for article titled Sony Cyber-shot Line, Now With Blink Detection

Today Sony put out Cyber-shot cameras—the thin DSC-T900 and DSC-T90, cheaper chunkier DSC-W290 and DSC-W230 and 10X optical zoom DSC-H20—that are cosmetically identical to their previous models, with a few new innovations which may help you if you're cursed with crappy shots:
Blink recognition - The cameras take two shots, scan the faces, and choose the one where more people's eyes are mostly open. Not many other cameras have this feature, though it's been seen before.
iSCN scene detection mode - Like Panasonic and others, Sony developed software to evaluate multiple factors ("objects, faces and lighting conditions") in a scene to quickly choose the right settings.
Xtra Fine LCD - The T900 has a 3.5" LCD with 921,600 pixels—which I'm pretty sure is the same count as 720p.
HD recording - Speaking of 720p, everything but the W230 can shoot HD video of that resolution. [Sony]


I'm going to hold off on a point and shoot purchase until I start to see more of the cell offerings.