Sony: Dual Shock Still Defacto, Motion Control Secondary

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We saw Sony's impressive motion control demo. You may call it a gimmick, and even Sony admits that it's not the primary direction of the PlayStation 3. The Dual Shock will still reign as king.

After being asked about the motion controller's relevance compared to the Dual Shock and PS Eye, John Koller, Director of Hardware Marketing for Sony responded:

It won't be a new Dual Shock. The Dual Shock is the defacto and it always will be. This will be a component that can be used for a variety of games.


Indeed, even when we question Koller as to whether or not we could expect a PS3 motion controller bundle at its release, he hedged, explaining that bundling motion with every PS3 "might not make sense."

In other words, motion controls may be in the PS3's future, but they aren't the future of the PS3—a somewhat different perspective than Microsoft has of their motion control peripheral, Project Natal.