Sony Earphones Make Attractive, Useless Subway Maps

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In order to prove how far Sony has come since ATRAC3 and long-playing MiniDiscs, a new ad attributed to the company shows a NYC subway map traced in its entirety by black Sony earphones, accompanied by a Network Walkman. As if it wasn't enough to try to retake ownership of just one iPod-saturated public transit system, a search revealed similar designs for both the London Underground and Sydney's Metro. That last one makes sense, since Sony retained the Sydney office of badass ad agency Saatchi and—repetition is key to messaging—Saatchi for the inspired work. One prob though: As any seasoned straphanger will tell you, you kinda need the colors, or else all the lines run together. [The Cool Hunter]


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@NeoXY: @MagnoliaBoy: A couple years back I bought an MD player for 35 bucks, and it really was a fantastic little device. MD simple burn was terrific and easy, except that I preferred to have the track names display instead of "Track 1" and so on. It had a 30 hour battery life and had replaceable batteries, and was actually a pretty rugged little doodad. I'm sometimes tempted to get another one just to have the gadget, but I'm trying to be good and keeping my gizmo pool streamlined and.......

Fuck it. I'm buying one.