Sony Energy Link: Portable USB Power

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It's not all fancy TVs and home theater setups from Sony today, no sir. They've also seen fit to introduce the Energy Link USB, a portable (what isn't portable nowadays?) USB power supply. Simple enough. Just stuff the little Altoids can-looking thing with batteries and you've got enough juice to run most USB devices for "hours." Exactly how long it'll last depends on what kind of device you've plugged in: is it a simple card reader or a massive hard drive? It'll hit stores in the summertime for $35, which is just in time to power our air conditioned shirts.


Press Release [Sony]

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Actually, this is pretty clever if it works the way I think it does. Put the included rechargeable batteries inside and plug it into a USB port - and you always have charged AA's ready to use (while being "environmental"). Take the whole package with you, and you have a portable source of power for your USB-connected electronics. If it runs out of juice, you can buy disposable AA's in a bind just about anywhere and keep charging your gear.

This is something that I would be interested in - IF that USB port can do double-duty charging the box and then using the box to charge my iPod...