Sony Ericsson and Canon Will Change the World in September

A little over-dramatic, right? Just like Sony Ericsson's puffed-up claim to change how we listen to music…forever, on September 21st. A new Walkman-phone? Separately, Canon says its September 29 event will be "one of the most important in its history."

The events are in no way related. I mention them together simply to serve as two very recent examples of extreme PR blow-hardness. Seriously lame.


Or not? Who knows, maybe they'll surprise me. I'll be very happy if Canon turns out the 1D Mark IV digital SLR.

Canon's product launch will be done by its Swedish office, and the invite below is roughly translated as:

During this fall, Canon will make one of its largest and most important launches in the company's history and we hope you can attend. During a luncheon, you are invited to listen to CEO Jouko Tuouminen, Marketing presiden Monica Forsberg and trend analyst Magnus Lindkvist, talking about tomorrows trends and factors of success in the continually more digitalized everyday life.

Sony Ericsson will be Webcasting its shindig, and you can register here: [Sony Ericsson via Mobile Phone Helpdesk via Engadget | Canon Rumors]


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