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Sony Ericsson Idou Arrives In Second Half 2009 With 16:9 Touchscreen, 12MP Camera

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Sony Ericsson kicked of the MWC show a bit early today with a press conference for a slick new phone: The enigmatically named Idou.

With an OS based on Symbian, the Idou continues the cameraphone megapixel pissing match with an impressive 12 megapixel camera/Xenon flash combo.


Once you snap those gorgeous cellpone photos, they'll be presented to you on a sizable 3.5-inch 16:9 touchscreen that Sony Ericsson claims is capable of "full media consumption" (so it eats all media? Interesting...).


Idou is just a codename for now, Sony claims, but the release window is certain: Second half of 2009. Did I say certain? I mean hazy and ambiguous, like all long-term tech release dates.

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