Sony Ericsson Readying an Android 3.0 PlayStation Phone?

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Engadget's reporting that Sony Ericsson, who hasn't been quickest on the draw with Android devices, is in the "late stages of planning" for an Android 3.0 smartphone with sliding gaming controls and an accompanying gaming platform.


Android fans, listen up. Gamers, listen up. Android fans who are gamers, really listen up. Engadget hears from a "trusted source" that Sony Ericsson is working a device that's being described as "a cross between the Samsung Captivate and the PSP Go," bringing real deal 3D gaming on an Android device. Wha?

According to their source, it'll potentially sport a 1GHz Snapdragon processor and a screen sizing between 3.7" and 4.1." The real business—a D-pad and a "long touch pad" in place of a joystick—slides out in place of a keyboard. The device currently bears Xperia branding but could also be part of the PlayStation family when it lands, possibly as soon as October, though that seems awfully ambitious.

The handset is said to run a skinned version Gingerbread (Android 3.0), and its games, which supposedly will include favorites like God of War and Modern Warfare, older PSX titles, and new ones that incorporate augmented reality game play, will be graphically akin to PSX and PSP games. Depending on what particular kind of button mashing they require, titles could be available to other Android devices.

It definitely seems as though Google's becoming increasingly interested in the gaming. Add that to the fact that the PSP Phone has been an elusive object of gamer yearning since time immemorial, and it seems like these rumors could actually bear out. You should probably start doing your thumb exercises now, just in case. [Engadget]



The smartphone has definitely become where consumer electronics and computing intermingle. I mean look at iOS, Android in general, WebOS, Windows Phone 7, heck even throw in Windows Mobile 6.5 (or Windows Phone Classic if you prefer) or even MeeGo, but Blackberry you're not invited to this party because well it's you know a PARTY. Several things about the design of the PSP Go made we wonder that Sony did see this coming.

I wonder what Nintendo will do next? Probably something more PDA like that competes with the iPod Touch and the Zune HD2 I expect to see (you know a Windows Phone 7 device sans the phone). I wouldn't be surprised to see Android/WebOS devices in this market. We already there is/will be Android/WebOS tablet devices that will compete in the mobile gaming space. This PDA type devices will be what we give kids too young for their own phone and teenagers/spouses that still just get a feature phone. Heck the PSP/PSP Go has continuously gotten closer to being a PDA.