Sony Getting Sued for PS3's Cell Processor

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Despite the Cell processor being a joint venture of Sony, Toshiba and IBM, Sony is taking the fall in a lawsuit by Parallel Processing Corporation. PPC filed a patent back in 1991 for "synchronised parallel processing with shared memory," which they claim Sony has broken with the use of the Cell processor in PS3s. But the PPC is not only asking for money, but the "impounding and destruction" of all infringing units (we're guessing just Sony's stock).

While it's difficult to believe that three major corporations could violate a patent after so much time and investment in the Cell, Sony was forced to pay big bucks to Immersion for their rumble technology used in PS2 controllers (since absent in the PS3's SIXAXIS). If PPC has a legitimate claim, expect the PS3 to become even less profitable for Sony. [gamespot]