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Sony HDR-SR12 Gets Reviewed (Verdict: It's a Winner)

Illustration for article titled Sony HDR-SR12 Gets Reviewed (Verdict: Its a Winner)

According to Camcorder Info, Sony's HDR-SR12 is continuing to push the AVCHD format forward as a viable successor to HDV. It is, by far, the best Sony HDD camcorder on the market—and with 120GB under the hood, it is unmatched in the AVCHD category in terms of capacity. As far as performance is concerned, the SR12 held its own against even the intimidating Canon VIxza HF10, with only a slight inferiority in picture sharpness. They also noted that Sony's Exmor CMOS sensor and Bionz processor has improved in leaps and bounds over their top HDV camcorder, the HDR-HD9.


In the end CI believes that the decision on what to buy is going to come down to a combination of what each individual needs in a camcorder and what they can afford. The HDR-SR12 is going to set you back a few at $1399, but you get a ton of capacity and a HDD for those who prefer it. On the other hand, you could always drop down to the 60GB HDR-SR11 and save yourself about $200. If you want to save some money and get a more portable device, the HF10 may still be your best choice at $1100. Hit the link for the full review. [Camcorder Info and Sony]

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If the HF10 has better picture quality and it's cheaper ($1099.00), why buy this? Plus the Canons all support SD media in addition to the Hard Drive. The main challenge with this is that once the drive is full, it's gonna take you LONGER THAN REAL TIME (USB Time) to get your data off(You'd actually be better off going back to tapes). So if you get a nice 4 hour video, it's gonna take about 6 to get it off. With the Canon HF10, you can just load in a new memory card and capture all of your memories.