Sony Internet TV Brings Made-for-TV Apps Into Your Living Room

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We all know that the way we view television is changing. In fact, between YouTube, Hulu, DVR backlists and Netflix, most of us barely watch actual TV at all. So if appointment programming is a thing of the past, what's next? You deserve nothing less than the seamless integration of all the content you want, be it Internet, apps or the latest episode of your favorite shows—all on one device. That's why, over the next couple of weeks, we'll be looking at all of the game-changing features of Sony Internet TV powered by Google TV.

More and more, tech lovers expect their devices to be fast, responsive and engaging—that's why apps aren't just for your smartphone anymore. Sony knows this, so now the ever-expanding Android Market is available directly on your Sony Internet TV. In addition to Pandora, Netflix and Twitter, other popular available apps include: Classy Fireplace, which turns your TV into a roaring hearth—complete with sound effects , and Frogger, which brings the fun of everyone's favorite arcade game right to your living room.

Of course, those are just a couple of tiny examples of the great apps awaiting you. With the TV & Movies app, customers can browse and discover TV shows and movies. It includes everything on TV now and in the next week, and using the power of Google TV's smart search you can filter by genre, HD, free, and others in order to find what you want faster than ever before.


Head here for more for more information on all of Sony Internet TV powered by Google TV's astounding abilities, and check back next week when we take a look at its multitasking skills and picture-in-picture perfection.