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Sony and SanDisk are unleashing unto the world yet another card storage format, the Memory Stick Pro-HG. Compared to the now-outdated Memory Stick Pro format, the Pro-HG can transfer data three times faster, or around 60MB/s. While it's a pain to have to deal with another card format, you can't argue with faster transfer speeds, especially with higher res. videos and pictures gaining a foothold in the consumer market. Add a decent amount of storage space (32GB is the maximum), and the Pro-HG might not entirely suck.

Unlike other new card storage formats, the Pro-HG isn't entirely incompatible with previously existing devices. If the device is compatible with Memory Stick Pro cards, then the Pro-HG card will at least work with it, but at the older, slower speed. The new card is set to hit sometime in 2007. So, is there enough room in your heart for another storage format?


Press Release (in Japanese) [Sony via]

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