Sony Is Building A Gigantic Permanent Rainbow in Los Angeles

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Is it possible to get bored of rainbows? We're going to find out because Culver City is getting a permanent Rainbow installation on Sony Picture's Culver City lot. That's right, a forever rainbow...what does that mean?

The project is going to cost around 1.5 million dollars and represent "the sense of optimism and well-being associated with rainbows in general and more specifically with the rainbow in popular culture as imagined in the iconic Wizard of Oz film" (which was filmed there).

Designed by Tony Tasset, it's expected to be nine stories tall (~94 feet high), 188 feet wide and 8 feet thick when completed in early 2012. Tasset is going to build the fake rainbow with a welded steel truss and clad it with aluminum panels coated in a resin-based paint. Ideally, it's supposed to be visible from many points around Culver City (a city in west LA) but with smoggy southern Cali-forn-i-yay, who really knows. The more rainbows, real or man-made, the merrier. [Culver City Times via Curbed LA]