Sony Mac Rootkit

Hey, girls, do you believe in rootkits? Well Sony's got something to say about it, and it goes like this: poison every piece of media that comes through your front door with badly written malware. Infect Macs and PCs indiscriminately and cause all sorts of bad will in the techie world. Then pretend it never happened and offer a skeezy/non-existant removal option.

Basically, we've got a Mac version of the DRM that infects XP machines. When you pop in the disk, it installs a few excellent pieces of warez and angers me. I'm so done with physical media. ITMS/bittorrent all the way from now on.

Personally, I'm not a big fan of anyone installing kernel extensions on my Mac. In Sony's defense, upon closer reading of the EULA, they essentially tell you that they will be installing software. Also, this is apparently not the same technology used in the recent Windows rootkits (made by XCP), but rather a DRM codebase developed by SunnComm, who promotes their Mac-aware DRM technology on their site.


[Thanks, Hector]

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