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So Sony, the king conglomerate of all things proprietary, are having a little problem. They seem to be having a little problem with backwards compatibility with their latest launch of Memory Stick Pros. The memory cards in question are the MSX-M1GST 1GB duo, MSX-2GS 2GB pro, PSP-MP1G 1GB pro duo and the soon to be released card in Japan.

The affected computers are the Vaio type V, models VGC-V202RB, V202, V201, V172B, V172EB, V172S, V171B and V171; Vaio type M, models VGC-M50B/S, M30B/W, M30/W and M70/W; and Vaio P, model PCV-P101. The problem also affects some models sold in Europe. They also won't work with 13 models of Clie PDA: the PEG-VZ90, UX50, NX80V, NX73V, NZ90, NX70V, NX60, TH55, TH55DK, TJ37, TJ25, TG50, and the PEGA-VR100K.


Nice one Sony!

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