Sony Says BDP-S1 Blu-ray Disc Player Up For Pre-Order

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If you absolutely have to be the first one on your block to have a Blu-ray player, Sony says it's now offering its $1000 BDP-S1 unit for pre-order starting today. One thing's for certain, we won't be seeing any of these until at least July even though Sony told us at CES the unit would ship in the spring.

We get an eerie feeling with these circumstances, reminded of the Betamax we bought decades ago for the same price that ended up taking its place atop the ash heap of history. D j vu anyone? Word is the player will be available on Sony Style or Amazon, but when we checked both places, the pre-order mechanism for the BDP-S1 wasn t in place yet. But that could change any minute.


Sony press release [via I4U News]

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