Sony Sets Blu-ray Pricing

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If you've been wondering what a Blu-ray disc is going to cost you once it hits the markets, Sony has deigned to let the world know. As the first studio to put forth a price (as well as a marketing strategy), Sony revealed that it will also bundle formats together for better flexibility.


A catalog Blu-ray disc will run about $18, but new release DVDs will go for $23.45, wholesale. And starting March 28, you'll be able to buy combination packs of DVD and UMD movies for little more than just buying the DVD. If this strategy works, the company will think about trying it with Blu-ray discs as well. The combo price is $28.95, which is notable considering a new release DVD is about $25-$27 and a UMD is typically $20.

We're not sure what the average mark-up is on a conventional DVD, but it's probably safe to expect the first run of Blu-ray titles to be in the $30 range.

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