Sony Stands By UMD, But Not Too Close

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Sony announced last week that, yes, it's still releasing UMDs, baby! Partnering with MTV, PSP owners will soon be able to purchase "Beavis and Butt-Head: The Mike Judge Collection," volumes 2 and 3; "Jackass," volumes 2 and 3; "Wildboyz," volumes 1 and 2; "Viva La Bam," volumes 2-4; and "Aeon Flux: The Complete Animated Collection." While Sony has to know that UMD has become a game-only format, small, thematic releases like these aren't really going to hurt/help the format or the bottom line. It's like gambling on the penny slots after losing for a few hours of $20 blackjack. [reuters]



I actually loved my little MD player, but they suffer the same fate as VHS. They start to sound a tad grainier over time, but on the bright side, I could replace them easily and fill up the new one with the same music. Had MD been able to achieve the double-digit gigabyte storage cap (fantasy, I know) I probably never would've purchased an iPod. The battery life on these things is fantastic.