Sony's raising the bar in Japan starting February 10, shipping its latest VAIO R Master desktop complete with the latest Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 processor inside. This one nearly has it all with a price to match, including a Blu-ray drive, three gigs of RAM and you can even cram 3TBs of SATA storage in there. But look out, if you go top-of-the-line all the way it'll smack you down for well over $8K.

Take a look at a truly badass pic plus some personal experience with the Intel Core 2 Quad:


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We're sold on these Core 2 Quad processors. We've been testing an HP machine with dual Core 2 Quads on board, and it screams like no other, especially with editing apps such as Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0. But the mild-mannered HP box doesn't look nearly as ominous and powerful as this upcoming Sony VAIO R Master mofo. Bring it to the states, Sony. And oh yeah, put two processors in there instead of just one, for eight-way nirvana.

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