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Sony TX N10 Series is First Laptop with Built-In EVDO Rev. A Data

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Sony's pretty TX series was always a friend of ours—way before the little bastard got all high and mighty with its 800kbps Sprint EVDO Rev. A connection. Before it was the first laptop with that kind of ultra fast connection, the TX was just another ultralight from the block. We remember when all it had was that wimpy Cingular EDGE connection that hovered around 100kbps. At least it still has the 11-inch ultrabrite screen and is still less than 3 pounds. (Carbon fiber frame'll do wonders for your figure.) What?! It got a Core Solo processor, a fingerprint reader, a drive head that parks itself on shock, and a double layer DVD burner? OK, that's way too much tech for such a liddle cutesy laptop. Can we have one right now, please?

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