Sony Using CMOS Camera For Cars, CMOS!

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We're gonna go a little ubergeek on you for a moment and celebrate that Sony is using CMOS video cameras for Nissan's upcoming "around view monitor," a camera system giving you an overhead view of your car for parking and moments when you just want to look like OJ on the highway. These cameras grab 1.3MP at 30 frames per second. No, the specs aren't amazing. But here's why we're excited.


CMOS chips have traditionally been great for still cameras, but analog master CCD has long ruled the video world. And CCD has traditionally been better in low light situations, especially. So why fix what's not broken? CMOS is cheap. Real cheap. And it's good to see the video being used in applications other than the surprisingly effective point 'n shoots with video.

And this Nissan system looks pretty neat, too. [fareastgizmos via gearfuse]

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CMOS isn't just used for still cameras. It's being used in HD video cameras (camcorders, broadcast cameras, etc.). CCDs don't work well at high data rates (not for reasonable amounts of power), so CMOS is taking over the HD world.