Sony Vaio Pocket: The Fancy Mystery Netbook Leaked

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Sony Style has leaked some specs of the netbook—what I've heard is its flagship announce at the show—ahead of its CES 2009 coming out of the closet party. Its name is Pocket. UPDATED 12/26


The soon to be officially smallest notebook in Sony's line will have an unspecified 1.33Ghz processor, which is probably an Atom. More interestingly is the razor-sharp 1600x768 pixel screen on an 8-inch LED backlit screen. (Which is almost too many pixels per square inch, despite Sony's apparent desire for the Pocket to be the most expensive and fancy netbook ever.) It'll also have the option of either a 60GB HDD or, strangely, a 128GB SSD module. I believe this is the first notebook I've seen that can be configured in SSD sizes larger than what's available in traditional drives. Battery and pricing are filled in as "X' and "NaN", still yet to be determined. It'll come in red, silver-painted plastic (bleh) and black.

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Teasers and bits of Sony's netbook, long rumored and often denied, have been coming in recent weeks, but this is the first leak from their official website. Also, the name is the same as the already forgotten 2004 Vaio Pocket.

The photo is probably a placeholder so we still have more to learn before its coming out party. [Sony Style via Sony Insider, thanks Chris, damn you Sony Style for making me post on Christmas.]

UPDATE: Reader Stefan did some calculations and came back with a 7.21" × 3.46" figure for the screen size. Yeah, that's 3.46 inches tall. It sounds iffy, but we'll have to reserve judgment until we see one in real life.


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Hope the sell 'em with XP. Vista blows.