Sony VPL-AW15: A Low-End, Videophile Projector

Illustration for article titled Sony VPL-AW15: A Low-End, Videophile Projector

Sony's Projector offerings in the US jump from $2000 VPL-HS60, and jump quickly to the Pearl's $5000 MSRP. This project aims square in between those two. It has a 720p natural res, but will take 1080/24 signals as well as all the rest. Its 12,000:1, dynamically controlled iris is a contrast ratio just below the Pearl's 15k:1. Details are sparse, but we'll update with more as soon as Charlie gets his hands on one later today. We hope it has the same lens shifting, and low noise characteristics of the Pearl.


Price to be determined before its release this Spring, but we'll go ahead and guess it's in the $3-4k range.

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So this is the "big news"? Hrmph...