Sony's 360 Degree 3D Display Prototype: No Glasses Needed

Illustration for article titled Sony's 360 Degree 3D Display Prototype: No Glasses Needed

Looks like Sony's 3D ambitions don't end with plans to bring 3D to Bravia TVs, the PS3, and just-about everything else. This cylindrical concept can be viewed from all angles, and will be at Tokyo's Digital Contents Expo this Thursday.


Still under development, the prototype is about 10.6-inches tall (and 5.1-inches in diameter). Sony doesn't seem quite sure what to do with it at the moment, but says it's considering various uses, like digital signage, or even a digital photo frame for the home.

It only supports a 24-bit, 96 by 128-pixel stereoscopic color image right now, but you don't need glasses to see the 3D effect.

I just hope that whatever lessons Sony learns from a device like this can bring us one step closer to hologram-like TVs. Fingers crossed. [Sony via Impress]


I watched something on Beyond 2000 (aaaages ago) where they had something similar. Also, on TechTV (whatever its called now), they showed off a holographic display of a bottle of perfume that looked so real people tried to grab it (then it sprayed them with the sample).... this is just anti-climactic. #sony360degree3ddisplay