Sony's Blue Laser Diodes Down to $8 - PS3 and BD Player Price Cuts Soon?

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Good news for Blu-ray fans. Sony's just announced that they're ramping up blue laser diode production yet again, which will lower the price to just around $8 each by June. What will this mean to you? Well, seeing as the diodes were the reason for the PS3 shortages this fall (and contributed to both the PlayStation's and Blu-ray players' high prices), this huge windfall of diodes could mean lowered prices for all Blu-ray related items.

Some analyst from Wedbush Morgan Securities agrees, saying "Sony is definitely in a position to cut price," and that prices will be lowered once costs hit around $499. So those of you who are on the fence about dumping $599 may want to wait it out just a little longer.

Also, since HD DVD also uses blue laser diodes (a different type, and they just don't call theirs blue), this news could also mean they will ramp up production of theirs as well.


Blue Laser Costs Coming Down; Could PS3 Price Cut Be Far Behind? [GameDaily]

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Type-E wrote:

It cost $308 b4 and now they are $8. So Sony will drop the console price to $299.

I believe that $308 figure you're talking about is for the whole Blu-Ray drive, not just the blue laser diode.