Sony's Vaio Flip 11: Shrunk Down and Loaded Up with Photoshop

Last year, Sony put out one of the most practical solutions to the convertible problem with its "Flip" line of laptops. Now the backflipping, keyboard-stashing, laptop-tablet hybrid lines is getting a new member: an 11-incher, that comes loaded up with Photoshop Elements 12.


Inside, the Vaio Flip 11's guts are on the meager side, with only 4GB of RAM and just a Intel Pentium N3520 for a brain, instead of a beefier Core i5, or even i3. But at a starting price of $800 with Photoshop Elements 12 included, it starts looking a little bit better. And if you're keen on the Flip style but want that tiny 11-inch portability, it's your only option.

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