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Sound & Vision Names Best Speakers in Every Class

Illustration for article titled Sound  Vision Names Best Speakers in Every Class

Sound & Vision has painstakingly gone through every speaker in the whole wide world and named the best in every class. Some of you will be interested in all of the results, and you should most certainly check out the excellent article. Me? I want to know the cheapest (and coincidentally the smallest) surround sound speakers they liked. Their answer? The Energy RC Micro System ($999).It's a 5.1 setup featuring five satellite speakers that are just 4.5-inches tall (or about the height of a mug) and a subwoofer that stands a mere 8-inches in the air. In the words of Sound & Vision:

The overall effect, in a small room, is precisely what most folks want from this kind of a mini: "Whoa, all that sound's coming from these?"


Just remember, you'll still need a receiver. And if you have the space, it's pretty much a universal rule that bigger speakers are better. [Sound & Vision and Energy Speakers]

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