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South Korea Carrying Out Security Drills Following Power Station Hack

Illustration for article titled South Korea Carrying Out Security Drills Following Power Station Hack

South Korea's nuclear power plant operator is conducting a two-day drill to test its resilience to digital attacks, following a series of posts on Twitter from a hacker claiming to have compromised power station computer networks.


Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power (KHNP), which runs 23 reactors and supplies around a third of the country's electricity, kicked off the drill on Monday morning. The hacker posted designs and manuals for two reactors, along with personal information about 10,000 KHNP workers, online via Twitter late last week.

Then, on Sunday, the hacker threatened to release further information unless three reactors were shut down from 25th December. The government says it is handling the incident with "extreme care," though it hasn't yet managed to identify the culprit.


The news follows threats made by North Korea, claiming that it will strike the White House and "the whole US mainland, that cesspool of terrorism". It's unclear if there's any link to between this South Korea hack and events unfolding between the U.S. and North Korea. [AFP (on the Guardian)]

Image by †#€ ßΩ∂†M∂И under Creative Commons license

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This kind of dumbfounds me. Like these type of critical systems should never even be connected to the global internet in anyway. (Granted there isnt currently any real confirmation that these ones are, im just stating in a more general sense). I mean I understand its 2014 and everything is run by computers, which is fine, but you can have computers running power plants without them ever being connected to the internet. Design your system so that only the computer/computers that actually control the plants operation can access the plant controls (not that hard really). And then more importantly use computers that literally cannot have external drives/media attached to them, and im not talking about some software blocking the drive from being mounted (which can be bypassed by talented hackers), I mean literally build a computer that doesnt have the fucking connections. It just doesnt seem that complicated.