Southwest Airlines Suffers Tech Glitch, Has Been Hosed All Day

If you had plans to travel on Southwest Airlines today, it’s probably not news to you that everything is fucked right now. From their reservation system to their mobile app, everything has been upside down, with over 400 delays as of 3pm Eastern.

The company hasn’t been specific about the nature of its technology woes, just that it’s systemwide. The airline is advising anyone traveling on Southwest to arrive to the airport at least two hours early. Things are hosed from Los Angeles to Denver to Washington, D.C.


The Wall Street Journal has an account of just one woman’s travails today:

Emily Mitnick, who was flying to Detroit from Denver International Airport, said she missed her 10 a.m. flight, even though she parked her car around 8 a.m. She estimated that 1,000 people were in line at the check-in for a boarding pass. When she went downstairs to the curbside check-in, she said there were about a couple hundred people lined up there as well.

Some airports seem to be handling it better than others. At LAX, Southwest employees are reportedly handing out bottles of water and setting up tents for delayed passengers waiting outside. In Las Vegas, things seemed a bit more bleak:

“Southwest air lining thousands up outside,” one passenger reported on Instagram. “No water, no food, no sunscreen — pure hell.”


So yeah, if you’re flying Southwest in the next few days, expect things to be chaotic to say the least. As of 6:15pm Eastern there was still a systemwide outage. Don’t forget your sunscreen.

Stock photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images


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