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Space Station Astronaut Dials Wrong Number

Illustration for article titled Space Station Astronaut Dials Wrong Number

You’d hope that the highly trained astronauts on board the ISS would be good at working complex machinery. But apparently, one of the ISS’s new crew members can’t quite get the hang of a cell phone.


Tim Peake is the first-ever British astronaut on the ISS, where he’s serving as part of the crew, employed by the European Space Agency. He’s not off to a particularly auspicious start, though: after arriving safely on Tuesday and assisting with a space walk earlier this week, he couldn’t work out the telephone to call home:


It’s not all bad for Peake though: even if the machines are still confusing him, he seems to be getting the hang of weightlessness.

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Broken Machine

He probably forgot to dial the planet-code first. Amateur mistake, everyone makes it their first time.