SpectraLink NetLink 8020, 8030 Wi-Fi Phones Now Do 802.11 a, b and g

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SpectrLink's just-announced NetLink 8020 and 8030 Wi-Fi telephones are aimed at businesses looking to cut costs, maximize profit, etc. and not necessarily the average gadget geek. Most noteworthy is that the phones are the first to use all three currently existing 802.11 standards: a, b and g. (N support is nowhere to be found, which makes sense given the cluster-f that it's been coming to market.) The phones also don't look nearly as attractive as some of the other VoIP phones out there, like the Netgear and Belkin ones we looked at earlier. Thus, unless you're a PHB, you're probably better off playing with the more consumer-friednly VoIP phones out there.


Press Release [SpectraLink via SlashPhone.com]

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