SpeechEasy Helps Relieve Stuttering

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This hearing aid-like device called SpeechEasy helps relieve stuttering by the "Choral effect." This effect, present when stuttering is reduced or eliminated when people speak or sing in unison with others, is replicated by piping a person's own speech back into their ear with a slight delay and on a slightly modified frequency. This in turn makes their brain think they're speaking in unison with someone else. It's definitely a great idea, but the SpeechEasy is only available in Europe as of now. [Medsy via Medgadget]


@RG_Shrike: Perhaps we can visit a hypnotist to "fix" blindness, too?

Stuttering is a physical condition; it's not a bad habit like smoking. It takes years of practice and constant vigilance to compensate for it. You don't cure it, you adjust. The theory behind this gadget is based in the ability of a lot of stutterers to sing without problem. Singing uses different areas of the brain than does speech. When you turn off this device - if it actually works, the stutter will almost surely return.

Even small minded people recoil in shock if someone laughs at a mentally challenged person, or a paraplegic, but they seem to think stuttering is a handicap that's acceptable to laugh at. Why do I get the idea that you're one of the low-lifes who teased the kid who stuttered in grammar school?

Look up some lists of stutterers and stammerers - a different condition usually lumped together with stuttering (Mel Tillis stutters; Bob Newhart stammers). You'll be surprised that some of the best and brightest in history are on those lists.

It's too bad ignorance can't be "fixed" by hypnotists, too.