Speedo Now Selling LZR Racer Swim Suit to the Public, U.S. Whale Sightings Way Up

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Even though Speedo is now selling its controversial LZR Racer swim suit to the general public for $550, we doubt the beer bellies at the local community swimming pool are going to spontaneously turn into a congregation of eight gold medal-winning Olympians any time soon. In fact, here at the Gizmodo weekend desk Jesus and I agree that instead of creating a slew of Michael Phelps copy-cats, a readily available LZR will probably just make poolside look like the walrus exhibit down at the aquarium.For serious swimmers, here's some serious info about this next gen suit. It was designed with input from NASA, and the fabric is touted as the "world's lightest swim fabric." The seams are ultrasonically welded together and the Hyrdo Form Compression system holds the swimmer's abdomen and other bits at an optimal position for streamlining. The suit is made up off three pieces, which were cut from a three-dimensional pattern to hug the body more closely. Word on the street is it takes about 15 minutes or so to squeeze into this marvel of modern swimming pool engineering. The suit is available for pre-order now at Speedo, and ships in October. [Speedo via Uncrate]


junior ghoul

"For serious swimmers"

i think thats putting it midly. i'm a pretty athletic guy. i lift weights, run, and have started to get back into swimming. unless i had the iq of a dumbell though (aka made really poor purchasing choices) or was gunning to be in the olympics, i would never get something like this unless it was in the price range of about 50 bucks give or take.

IMHO i think that when it comes to people like me, average joes who are relaly into exercise, that the tools and clothing do not make the athelete. go to a gym, and the people who are really into it will be in all likelihood sporting atire that has clearly been getting regular and constant use.

look for the big boned or the people who spend money faster than they can get it to be wearing these things (for as long as they are at the 500 price range).