OK all you wussies, instead of smashing that spider against the wall with your bare hands and leaving a permanent stain, keep that eight-legged creepy-crawly arachnid at arms length with this Spider Catcher, made of stiff bristles that let you practice catch-and-release tactics in your own home. This device is even delicate enough to catch butterflies and moths without harming them.

Its makers tout its humane nature, not killing those poor spiders and insects but releasing them outside where they'll be free to reproduce and spawn even more of their progeny to come inside and bug you again. But then, is it inhumane to kill a spider, an insect, a worm, a single-celled animal? Perhaps some people are taking that phrase "thou shall not kill" a bit too literally.


Product Page [Gizoo, via Shiny Shiny]

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