The Spinto Band: Late

I forget who told me about The Spinto Band. It was somebody in high school, because I remember listening to it in the back of a car parked in the vacant lot of a suburban Applebees, either just before or just after Say Anything's "I Can Get Sexual Too." This one's held up a little better.


Off the band's wonderfully titled 2005 album Nice and Nicely Done (the rest of which I have never heard), "Late" is such a stellar little understated indie jam. I love the way the whole thing just saunters into a subtle crescendo with building vocal harmonies and instrumentation that never quite reach a flamboyant peak and stick around at a more mellow apex instead. Also that siren-like guitar part is the second-best dumb simple solo I think I've ever heard except maybe the one from "I Wanna Be Sedated."

More than anything though, it just still gives me butterflies in my chest every time I listen. The kind you get when your whole life is ahead of you and you're pretty sure someone will come through to buy you booze. [Spotify, iTunes, Amazon]

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