Splitfish 3D Glasses for PS2, Reviewed

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Before we have to pretty much stop talking about the Playstation 2 forever, we figured we'd get this review of the Splitfish eyeFX 3D Adapter and 3D glasses up and out. Looks like this product actually gets existing PS2 games to display shifted images, making them look 3D when viewed through the 3D glasses. Though the product doesn't work with every PS2 game, it does work with faves like 007 Agent Under Fire, Ace Combat 04, Aero Elite, Colosseum, DNA, DropShip, Half-Life, Kill Switch, Lara Croft Tomb Raider, Star Wars Bounty Hunter, Thunder Strike, Timesplitters 1&2 and Top Gun. Check the full list out at Splitfish. The unit plugs between the PS2 controller and the main unit and unfortunately, the glasses only work with CRT TVs. So if you're upgraded to, you know, a normal TV, you're out of luck. The glasses are super stylish, and I for one intend to wear them at my South Hampton manse next summer. The viewing angle is a wee-bit small, so it's best to sit close to the TV like a 6-year-old when wearing these babies. With some games, you can actually see the front and back view of the screen at the same time, which could be good or bad, depending on how much your brain can take in. Conclusion? It's certainly something new to play with and looks pretty cool but as mentioned, it does only work with limited games. Goes for about $69.95.

Splitfish eyeFX 3D Adapter for Sony Playstation 2 Review [i4u]


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