Splitsecnd Adds OnStar-Like Emergency Response Calling To Any Vehicle

Illustration for article titled Splitsecnd Adds OnStar-Like Emergency Response Calling To Any Vehicle

You can technically already get General Motor's popular OnStar service for any vehicle with its third-party FMV mirror. But you'll be paying $100 more, plus a larger monthly fee, than what Splitsecnd's asking for its new service. And instead of having to tear out your rear-view mirror, all you need is access to your in-dash cigarette lighter.


Installing and using the Splitsecnd dongle is as easy as it gets. You just plug it into the cigarette lighter, and if and when it detects a crash or collision, it automatically contacts the company's call center with your GPS coordinates, who then contact emergency response personnel. A speakerphone lets the responders talk to those in the vehicle to ascertain how severe the accident was and dispatch emergency medical advice and a built-in battery that's always charging ensures the Splitsecnd still functions even if the vehicle's electrical system has failed.

The hardware itself, which is currently available for pre-order on the company's website, will set you back $200. And there's an additional $15/month service charge. It's technically cheaper than OnStar on both fronts, but GM has been providing and expanding its service for over 12 years. So whether or not Splitsecnd is actually a bargain, remains to be seen. [Splitsecnd via TechCrunch]



I don't understand why anyone would use OnStar or anything similar. I'd never buy a car with one. Big-brother-style monitoring of my driving? No thanks.