Do you like pretty things? Do you like GIFs? Do you like short films? Photography? Food? Slow motion? Hoooow thiinggggs aree maaaade? Do you like to occasionally not Google something so you can let you brain wander and wonder a little bit? If you do, you should apply to join the team at Sploid. We’re looking for help.

Sploid is looking for someone to help out part time (10 hours a week or so, for now) to write stories and to find the coolest things or awesomest short films or most hypnotizing animations or funnest bit of culture on the internet. Think of your job as a curator who will metaphorically fill the hallways of an Internet museum (that would be posts on this humble blog) with the best looking, most eye-catching things that more people should see or know about. You unearth the unknown, you filter out the crap. You like GIFS and like to find cool stuff and hate the oversold bullshit that drowns the Internet these days.


The ideal candidate:

  • wants to be a writer, in some capacity (or actually is one in bad dreams)
  • has a wide range of interests (that go beyond technology)
  • has a good eye on what looks, well, good
  • has a weird love/hate relationship with the Internet
  • knows the alphabet and can count to at least 24 (knowing how to spel is optional)
  • can read and understand that the previous requirement was a bad joke
  • has basic Photoshop skills
  • is constantly hungry
  • is actually the job applicant cliche that is “eager to learn” and “self-motivated” and “takes direction well”

Bonus points for those who live in or can get to or can reasonably fake some sort of residence in New York (City). Double bonus points, actually (we kind of want to see you). This is an entry level position where you will learn more about the Internet and how a professional blog machine runs than you are probably comfortable with.

We probably didn’t answer any of the questions you now have about the gig which is fine because e-mail still sort of works. So if you’re somehow still interested in working for/on/with something cool at Sploid or just want to sit next to people from Gizmodo and io9 (and other Gawker blogs you’re going to pretend you read), send a few writing samples (a few is like 3, ok), explain a bit about yourself and include a resume of sorts in an e-mail here.


It’ll be fun.

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