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SPOT GPS Tracking Device Now a Smaller, More Powerful Lifesaver

Illustration for article titled SPOT GPS Tracking Device Now a Smaller, More Powerful Lifesaver

The Survivorman approved SPOT GPS tracking device is now 30% smaller and lighter than the much beloved original version. More importantly, the chipset and the antenna have been upgraded to improve performance.


Other improvements include an LED light that indicates the status of your sent message, a separate tracking button, an extra message button, universal communications symbols and a stylish new silver finish option. Pricing for the new unit will most likely be revealed in the fall when the new SPOT is scheduled to hit shelves. It probably won't be cheap, and the tracking service already costs at least $100 per year, but that is a small price to pay for peace of mind when you are stuck on some godforsaken corner of the Earth. [SPOT via GearJunkie via Boing Boing Gadgets]

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What would make this even better is a small monochrome LCD screen and a membrane keyboard, about the size of a small Blackberry. Then you could actually put detail in your messages.

You might need to warn your rescuers about the tribe of amazonian women that are keeping you hostage and snusnuing you to death.