Spotify iPhone App Kills Pandora, Last.FM, Slacker and iTunes in One Shot

Spotify wowed us as an Android app for Europe, and this iPhone demo is still scary awesome—there's a million tracks to create totally customized libraries, with instant syncing to your phone and offline caching of your streams.


Two catches: It's still Europe only (boooo) and Apple hasn't approved the app yet. But there's always hope, right? Right??? [Paid Content UK via Daring Fireball]



God I hope this is approved - apple must be bricking their pants tho - no-one will ever need to buy music again! LOVE the Spotify desktop app - this iphone version is better than I could ever have imagined.. if you don't already have spotify it will change ur life! And if you're not in Europe - then bloody well move over here.. it's worth it just for Spotify (... not to mention the lack of gun crime, the fact we actualy have a culture, the relaxed way of life, the absence of stupid laws, absence of stupid lawyers to enforce stupid laws.... :P )