Spotify Might Be Getting Podcasts

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Today in rumors we hope are true, Spotify might be getting podcasts. This could be a great thing to loosen Apple's stranglehold on the medium.

The podcasts feature was hinted at by some code in a developer build of the Spotify app. From the looks of it, podcasts would show up under the Browse tab. If you've been paying any attention to the internet peanut gallery, podcasts seem to be having a bit of a moment, thanks to the popularity of Serial, the whodunnit drama that comes by way of the makers of This American Life. So it's smart for Spotify to want to ride that wave.

Besides, podcasts on Android are kind of a mess as it is, so it would fix a lot of problems to just be able to go through Spotify. And in general, it would be nice to just be able to have all your stuff in one place. Here's to hoping the feature pops up soon. [TechCrunch]