Spotify Radio Is Getting a Much Needed Facelift

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Spotify Radio has been one of the weirder, more underdeveloped features of the service since day one, giving you the option of building a radio station based on a handful of pre-determined genres. Now they've made the feature considerably more nuanced, allowing you to build a radio station based on an artist, song or genre.

Rolling out as part of their preview app for now, Spotify Radio also has a shiny, Cover Flow-inspired UI for flipping through songs, and gives you the option to skip through as many songs as you like (or dislike). The only thing really missing from the feature that gives Pandora the edge is the ability to make a station based on multiple songs/artists/genres, and the ability to give a song the yay or nay so that the recommendation engine knows how to fine tune the playlist to your liking.

If you want to check out the new Radio feature, you can download the latest preview build here. [Spotify via TheNextWeb]