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Sprint Rolls Out EV-DO Rev A with 5x Faster Uploads

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It's finally here! Sprint upgraded its Power Vision Network beginning in San Diego today, rolling out EV-DO Revision A, a faster version of the EV-DO (EVolution-Data Optimized) wireless broadband technology.

This new version is significantly faster than its predecessor, averaging upload speeds of 300 to 400kbps compared to the 50 to 70kbps of garden-variety EV-DO. The difference in download speeds won't be nearly as dramatic, however, increasing from the current 400-700kbps to a slightly faster 450-800kbps. The company says its entire wireless broadband network will be upgraded to the faster EV-DO Revision A by the third quarter of next year.


But they didn't just roll it out to San Diego. Pricing, how it compares to Verizon's EVDO offerings, and entire list of cities after the jump. Is EVDO Revision A in your hometown? Click to see.

This kind of speed won't come cheap. Sprint announced pricing of $49.99 a month for unlimited access with a two-year subscriber agreement and mail-in rebate. Unlimited data use without a plan is $79.99 per month. The company also announced it would offer its Sprint Mobile Broadband USB Modem by Novatel Wireless Ovation U720 early next month for $249.99 or $49.99 with a two-year subscriber agreement and mail-in rebate.


Ouch. There's no word on whether Verizon plans to follow suit with its widespread wireless broadband service. But that $50 price for a limited access is $5 more than Verizon charges for its nearly-ubiquitous conventional EV-DO unlimited access.

Sprint announced these markets will launch EV-DO Rev A this year:

1. Baltimore
2. Boston
3. Buffalo, N.Y.
4. Denver
5. Detroit
6. Hartford, Conn.
7. Kansas City, Mo
8. Las Vegas
9. Los Angeles
10. Milwaukee
11. Newark/Trenton, N.J.
12. New York City
13. Philadelphia
14. Pittsburgh
15. Providence, R.I.
16. Sacramento, Calif.
17. Salt Lake City
18. San Francisco
19. Seattle
20. Washington, D.C.

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