Sprint Tells AT&T How to Boost Its Network Without Buying T-Mobile

Illustration for article titled Sprint Tells ATT How to Boost Its Network Without Buying T-Mobile

Sprint is schooling AT&T and telling the wireless carrier how it can increase its wireless network capacity by a whopping 600%.

In a letter to the FCC, Sprint tells the regulatory agency that AT&T does not have to buy T-Mobile to improve its network capacity. All it has to do is install more cell towers and upgrade its network to LTE. It's a simple solution that Sprint hopes will derail the impending merger of the nation's #1 and #4 wireless carriers.

Sprint has a reason to fight for the rights of itself and consumers. The merger will put Verizon and AT&T/T-Mobile in control of 88% of the wireless market in the US.

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Um; last I read LTE is becoming a problem to incorporate because it is interfering with our GPS satellites... so... can someone verify if that's not true? Cause otherwise; this is a great idea and all; if LTE will stay alive and somehow overshadow 4G...

I have the thunderbolt and having LTE is just mind blowing everytime; specially when side by side with my EVO; which is actually seeing a psychologist because of it's inferiority complex...