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An unidentified source high up at Palm Sprint has disclosed some information about the future of EV-DO, specifically on the Palm Treo. First, EV-DO is a software solution, he's reported to claim—not hardware—so with some clever hacking it is possible for everyone's favorite Treo 650 to do EV-DO. We find that highly spurious.

Secondly, the source claims that by Q4 we'll begin seeing EV-DO run at 1.2 to 4.5Mbit download speeds. Upgrades have been on the carrier's roadmaps from the beginning, so that's certainly possible.


He also claims that by early 2007 will see the release of WiMax, the high-speed flavor of 802.16 that could be used on cellular towers—should the carriers choose to implement WiMax despite the potential for obviating their own cellular networks.

And lastly, the Sprint source would not confirm a release date for the anticipated Treo 700p, but he did say to "wait a little bit" if you are planning a phone upgrade in the future. We expect the next Sprint Treo with EV-DO soon, as well.

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