Sprint Will Be the First American Carrier to Offer Service In Cuba

Always eager for an angle to win over new customers, Sprint just announced a direct roaming agreement with Cuba. That means the last place carrier is the first to offer American customers mobile service in Castro-land. Take that Verizon.

The new roaming deal also includes a direct long-distance interconnection agreement. This is all good news for a country that’s been infamously left out of the world’s telecommunication grid. And if Sprint keeps its promise, it could be a very convenient deal for travelers. “We want to make sure any Sprint customer traveling to Cuba can use their phone the same way as they do in the United States.” Sprint CEO Marcela Claure said in a statement.


The news comes just six weeks after Verizon announced that it would offer roaming in Cuba. However, Sprint beat them to the punch by being the first to actually sign an agreement that would make that happen. Now let’s sit back and see how much they throttle data in Havana.

[Sprint via Engadget]

Image via AP

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