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Some people are ashamed of their bodies. Me? I regularly strip in questionable environments, just for the thrill that my tush may be showing up on some subscription Russian voyeur site. This spycam detector can save heartache for us both.


The detector, $60, goes about camera locating in a two-pronged attack. First, you look through the device's lens while the unit bathes the room in IR light. Rogue lenses should come out of the woodwork (possibly literally), which will allow you to angle your body toward camera appropriately.

Then, you use the Wi-Fi detector to track down the radio receiver. This function is critical, as you can ensure the receiver has an uninterrupted power supply and isn't overheating in tight quarters.


Skeptics may argue that knowing a camera is filming destroys the purity of unintended exhibitionism. But you tell that to the guy changing JCPenney dressing room who, despite his best efforts, is showing half the world nothing but belly button lint. [Chinavision via RedFerret]

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