Spyware Stopped, Sony Sez Sorry, Suck It

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So Sony... sorry, no more alliteration... says—damn—that their BMG induced spyware wasn't so bad after all and that only malicious music companies would be able to ruin your PC, not malicious h/\><0RZ. They did release a patch and said:

However to alleviate any concerns that users may have about the program posing potential security vulnerabilities, this update has been released to enable users to remove this component from their computers.


OK. So they put a self-cloaking piece of software onto every PC that tries to play one of their albums—spyware that is completely defenseless against anyone with a modicum of computer savvy—and then they say sorry, but you know, we HAD to do it, because erm... well, it wasn't dangerous, no harm, no foul, right? It's like the guy who punches you in the bar and then backs off, calling you crazy.


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