sQuba Submarine Car Is Real, Looks Silly but Amazingly Fun

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This is the sQuba, a concept—but very real—car devised by James Bond fanatic Frank Rinderknecht who, when he's not channeling the spirit of 007's gadget mentor Q, designs classic concept cars for a living. The amphibious two-seater has been made from a Lotus Elise, with three electric motors replacing the petrol engine—one powers the back wheels, while the other two work the specially designed propellers.

Top speed is 75mph on land, 4mph on water and 2mph below the surface. The zero-emission vehicle is powered by rechargeable li-ion batteries and dives to 10 meters and, once submerged, can stay underwater for up to two hours.

All this technology, however, comes at a very steep price. Costing almost $1.5 million to build, the car, which will be on show at next month's Geneva Motor Show, will never enter production. "We don't plan to build it, even in a limited capacity," says Rinderknecht. "But if someone wants to take up the project that would be great. I'm sure there will be people interested in buying one." [Daily Mail and Jalopnik]