Star Trek: Into Darkness Will Have a NASA Ad for Real-Life Starfleet

Star Trek is every thing we hope space travel can be someday. Maybe we could do without all the universe-threatening disasters, but we're all hoping for a warp drive, or a tricorder, or a replicator. Until then, NASA is carrying the fire, and the 30-second NASA trailer that will play before Star Trek: Into Darkness aims to get you stoked about our current day, real-life Starfleet.


The ad-buy is the result of an Indiegogo campaign that was successfully funded just this morning. Using the $30,000 dollars raised, the Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) will take a little three-minute film NASA released last year entitled "We Are Explorers," boil it down to 30 seconds, and buy time for it to run before showings of Star Trek: Into Darkness in a whole bunch of theaters across major US markets when the film opens.

The AIA sums up the campaign's goal this way:

By backing this 30 second trailer in the top movie theater markets around the United States, you can show our students and young people that we're in an exciting new era of space exploration. Now is the time to reach them - to remind them that an inspiring space program awaits, one that is worthy of their ambition.

Hopefully it has the awe-inspiring effect intended, we can't possibly have too many people interested in awesome space stuff. [Indiegogo via The Verge]


Maggie Duvall

When NASA launched the Space Shuttle, they said it would be so cost effective, that private companies would use it to launch satellites. They even suggested the program would pay for itself. Instead, the shuttles were the most expensive, most dangerous, least reliable way to get satellites into space. The shuttle program was their opportunity to show their stuff. Why throw any more money at NASA? They've spent the last 10+ years making vague suggestions about water on Mars, and how that might mean life on Mars. A bunch of crap to continue getting tax dollars for pointless missions. We should invest in something useful, like energy independence.