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Star Wars: Battle For Hoth Is A Star Wars Tower Defense iPhone Game

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Tower defense games have been done many times before on the iPhone. But how many of those games let you defend against Snowtroopers and AT-AT's? Only this one.

Here's the deal: If you like tower defense games and love Star Wars, Star Wars: Battle for Hoth at $2.99 is a great buy. There's 15 levels, 2 different game modes and gameplay just lasts forever. Plus, you get to play as part of the Rebel Alliance and see clips of The Empire Strikes Back.


There's also a few fresh control options that make Battle for Hoth feel a little different than other tower defense games, like being able to dictate which defense units can attack what and having to manually collect points.

My only problem is that the icons, text, and graphics just don't display well on the iPhone 4's screen. It's not a complete deal breaker, just a sorta underwhelming visual experience. Other than that, the gameplay and controls are fine (once you get used to them).


So in the end, if you're a huge Star Wars fan and love your tower defense games, it's an easy purchase. For the rest of us, I'd still lean towards buying but wouldn't blame you for waiting for an update. [iTunes]